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The Voice Is As Small As The Dick!

It’s always my pleasure to chat with a little dicked man. I can always tell the content of the conversation by the demeanor and voice. If the voice is low and apprehensive, you can bet it’s either a small penis humiliation boy or a cuckold. I just got off the phone with a four inch cock that claims he was at the park earlier sucking off a real man. He then told me he was ass fucked and still had cum on his boxers. I exclaimed ” what are you doing with boxers on!!!! you should be wearing panties, you little sissy faggot!”. This is where butt plug training comes in.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Small Penis Butt Plug Training

A man with a small penis should always have butt plug training for the maximum humiliation. The butt plug should be covered with panties, preferably sissy pink, and the butt plug should be black. There is a nice little kit from the stockroom that features small, medium, and large. After large has gotten used to, an inflatable butt plug is to be ordered.

Phone Session Expectations For Little Dicks

During the call the plug will be inflated several times. The inflatable will be used from there on except in the case of going to work. The large plug is in place for the day. To remind the SPH boy how little his dick is, he will do assignments of writing 100, 200, 300,etc etc etc “I have a useless little dick”. These are mailed to Princess weekly. Eventually pin dick will write much more. All writing glanced at briefly by Princess and then discarded. No email attachment as pin dick can cheat. Snail mail only!

Princess Britany