You are not worthy

I’ve been spending more and more time with Jason these days. Often I do take calls while he is here watching movies or hanging by the pool. Last week one lucky cuckold boy got to hear us fuck. That kept him on the phone for awhile. I was talking to him as Jason was fucking me from behind, telling the boy how big my dude’s dick was. 9 1/2 inches of hot raw meat! After Jason came, he said he didn’t want to do that anymore. Some lucky boy got the first and last.

It’s been a total sissy weekend, lots of pink cumming and going. Several panty wearing sissies from Ireland have been making it to my line, but mostly American gurls. I had one sissy interested in being locked up for 10 days while his wife was away. she has a cb 2000 in pink locked away in a storage facility, sneaky lil beatch! Now since she has not called back, I gathered it was just a fantastic fantasy. Let’s face it, sissies are always playing with their stubbies and don’t do so well with orgasm denial and chastity. That’s ok. There’s more to them out there that will be a bit braver.

Jason will be over in a bit. It’s an awesome day here. The pool and sun looking so inviting. Toodles!