A Bimbo Sissy Wants What

Bimbo Sissy Pom Poms changed her name to Sissy Ashley. I prefer pom poms because it describes her bimboism, and there are so many Ashley gurls already. Pom poms is perfect because it describes her big breast forms and her need to have even more. I say get the biggest bra you can find and fill some durable, large, plastic bags with bird seed. Then she tells me she wants to get pregnant. Why?

Bimbo Sissy Pom Poms Speaks. Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Line Up Boys

Why, in Goddess’ name, would you want to be pregnant, dumb sissy? I cannot imagine a sissy changing diapers. Is it for the femme experience? I told her to get a tampon and cranberry juice, but she has already done that. I told her the indoor plumbing just isn’t there. The macho male appeals to this gurl, and her phone fantasy involved quite a few of them, all lining up for the peg fest.

A Traditional 50’s Gurl

I totally enjoyed the regalia of capri pants and pink keds, so that generation speaks of greased back hair and blatant male domination. It’s what many a sissy needs. So with this, pregnancy is not gonna happen. She must go to a costume store and get the big pregnancy shell with belly button to wear with her leggings. When girls step up to feel the good luck bundle they can jump back and say….ewwwww…its fake and you are a sissy! Giggle, giggle!

Poor Bimbo Sissy

I was mean and told her I would never blog about her, and she was pathetic, needed the most intense humiliation and strap on instead of a real dick. I think I made her cry, because when she called back she said she was hurt because she thought I didn’t want to talk with her again. NOOO sissy fag, so not intuitive for a feminized girlie boi. Your humiliation makes the Princess amused!

Princess Britany