Bitch Slapping With Glee

I just talked to the leprechaun peen dick and we got on the subject of face slapping, especially bitch slapping with glee. I, the Golden Princess is the only one allowed glee. The peen may experience glee on the inside but must express abject humiliation with a blushing face and head bowed in submission. We discussed zane and how he says stupid things sometimes and gets slapped for it because it requires punishment.

Some Reasons For Bitch Slapping

For instance, if a pin dick started pontificating on any subject, a bitch slap is in order. It would come suddenly and out of the blue with the hand of princess. He would be humiliated with head bowed in shame. There does not have to be a reason whatsoever. Princess decides if a stupidity is uttered. This makes for a very wary bitch boy to not sound stupid. Just because she is is the goddess and he is the slave in residence.

Bitch Slapping With Glee: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Saying Loser Things

Now the photo here reminds me of the comment involved with my sunbathing today. The leprechaun peen said something worthy of a bitch slap. He asks do I ever sunbathe nude. Not likely because the pool is shared with my parents. Besides, I like to work on my tan lines. Peen inquires if I do sunbathe nude do I spread my legs to tan my pussy. An instant bitch slap would be in order because a pussy has sensitive skin and may be sunburned. Don’t you know anything? Or is is a topping from the bottom question.

Bitch Slapping With Glee: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

The Submissive Who Loves Being Humiliated

Bitch slapping with glee is also about pow pow pow…continuous right and left cheek with lots of verbiage. How stupid can you be, dumb ass, the loser speaks, things like that. There are no rewards with this except that the bitch slap humiliation is the reward in itself. This can only be done with a boy who is submissive and loves being humiliated. Boys into small penis humiliation especially love this because they need to suffer for their deficiency after all.

The Ultimate Infraction For Punishment

In conclusion, bitch slapping is a good addition to Princess domination. She can punish the boy in case a nail is broken…the horror!! Nails broken is one of the worst infractions a sub humiliation boy can achieve. I say achieve because taking the worst is getting the best. This form of domination is an addition to the other underlying treatments he must endure. He endures happily because above all, being of service to a princess is a huge achievement.

Princess Britany The Golden Princess