NO Cumming Until!

Until That assignment is finished, this poor blue balled boy is not allowed to cum. That assignment is to go into Payless shoes to try on some lady boy shoes and prance like a peacock asking the young girls if the selection looks good. You see, the stroker is a humiliated sissy boi that is married and is hiding it from his wife. The stroker also has a Curve chastity device that is totally going to waste cuz his wife is soooooooo not into it. Too bad. Well, hopefully she will take the kids for a weeks vacation without the sissy bitch. This way I can lock his little pantied ass up for week. Today I gave him some major tease and denial. With all the beggings and pleadings, it all fell on deaf ears. I denied him. He must get the assignment done with a digital camera in tow. I want proof! This will be done by Thursday, that is unless the slut strokes and cheats.

I had such an awesome weekend. The weather was beautiful and I went shopping with my hottie girlfriends. We stopped in for happy hour at our bar of worship and met a few really hot guys. The guy I hooked up with looks like Jensen Ackles of Supernatural except not a douchebag and hates metal . Yay! I saw him on Sunday and we went for a drive up to Ventura for some Mexican food and Margaritas. I’m counting down to the seventh date for MAYBE some hot sex. Jason has no idea what he is in for, but then again boys don’t admit it, but they love a little cock teaser now don’t they? Toodles!

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