Dominant Women Love To Face Sit

Body worship and you had better be good at it. You won’t get a second chance to enjoy face sitting with a golden goddess with awesome feet “to boot”! What dominant woman does not enjoy jumping on a submissive boy’s face maneuvering the way she wants. In a perfect Femdom planet, a woman’s ass is planted on a boys face for as long as she likes.

Body Worship For A Princess: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Body Worship Focusing On legs

Body worship for the legs. I’m 5’11” and looking up at me while you are on your back as I wear very high heels, makes you dizzy, not me. I am the tall stable building and you are the woody bridge below waiting for that drop of rain to fall from the sky. If you are cuckolded, the cream pie. If you are lucky, I do a slow dance aiming down at your lips, eventually teasing and denying giving you a great big no!

The Trampling Foot Tortures

Trampling is a rugged form of foot worship did you know? It doesn’t have to be but I like to get rough now and again. Certain Femdom are very good at walking on a boy while wearing tall stiletto heeled shoes. I’m not quite there yet. My soft feet aggressively walking on you gets your dick very hard. Eventually I get down to the dick with my soles, giving you a massage I tell you!

Breast Worship Saved Only For Alpha Men

Breast worship is not really a Femdom worship area. That would be a bit too vanilla and rewarding. Rewards are not given. Every now and then gifts are given if boy is good, obedient, and extremely submissive.

This whole post is for zane the brain who needs to get to work for a gift!

Princess Britany