Cute Little Sissy

So you want to wear a little sissy bonnet do you? let’s not stop there. Lets put you in the full regalia. Let’s give you the empire waist, the little white ankle socks with lacy trim, pinched cheeks, curled eyelashes, and of course the pristine white training bra. Panties of course, those must match the bra. A hint of pink pearly lipgloss and a little pink rose quartz ring on your little ring finger.

It’s CFNM Time

We don’t necessarily need to have you in pink. I do want you to entertain me though, CFNM style but only if you wear what I described. None of my girlfriends want to see your tiny little dick. we want to see the bonnet and the rest of it, dancing like the silly little sissy┬ábimbo you are.

Does Sissy need Lessons?

You may need lessons of course. I will arrange that with zane for the double humiliation duty, both of you! He can show you exactly how to do it right, and beware…he has had the best lessons, so he will expect you to be beyond good.

It goes without saying, some strap on training is in order. You will need to do it as well as he does. So get practicing on your own dildo until you are called upon. Do it sissy!


Princess Britany