The Bratty Princess Demands a Shopping Trip

A new generous boyfriend means a bratty princess shopping spree. Put two and two together and you have figured out that a generous guy will be of interest to a bratty princess, and at that moment she will be building a shopping list of expensive goodies. After a few dates she will bring it up knowing he will become extremely excited. He definitely started it by boasting of wealth, and he knew by lookingBratty Princess Shopping Spree: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975, princess is definitely a material girl.

A “Hard to Get” Girl

He understands he may never have his cock sucked by the princess or even jerked off. She may grab it on the outside of his pants and look at him with her deep and sexy eyes, with a longing look. That look means : “I want that watch and I want it now! While you’re at it, throw in the Chanel tennis bracelet will you” ? He understands that even though is is well sought after, what he really loves is the hard to get girl, especially a taller than he girl.

Gets What She Wants

He totally loves it when she pouts with that petulant princess look. This happens often because she is a spoiled brat and learned from the beginning how to manipulate men. He doesn’t care, he is all the more humiliated about it. She snickers to herself because she knows his cock is tiny, so he is in for it!Bratty Princess Shopping Spree: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Poor Used Boy

What’s in store for him? She will keep him around for a bit until he gives her most of what she wants. He even sucked a cock for her, dressed up in sissy clothes, and wore panties for a whole month because she said to. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the new BMW. She overstepped but did not feel bad doing so. She felt bad because he did not buy the car. Keep it simple princess and don’t get too bold!


Princess Britany