The Britany And Andi Team For OUR Ignore Call Pleasure

Enjoy the Britany and Andi team, the bitch goddess divas of the ignore fetish world. We did team up for an awesome call a few days ago and I had an in-depth conversation with Andi about my upcoming wedding while an abject loser was ordered to just shut up. He was also ordered to spank his ass during the call and count each spank. There were sets of ten and he had plenty of time to do many sets before the 25-minute call ended. It’s very important to give an ignore boy assignments during this type of call. Because an ignore boy is a submissive bottom feeder, he very well could lose focus to just sit there and listen to the sexy voices of the Princess contingent.

Britany And Andi The Ignore Team: The Golden Princess: 1-800-506-7178

Britany And Andi The Ignore Team: The Golden Princess: 1-800-506-7178

Pencil Us In If You Dare

Ms Andi and I will take appointments. Our schedules are flexible enough that we can get together for days or early evenings to attack your self-esteem and give you no stage to express the need to cum or not, or even to say one word. If you break the rules you may be invoking the dreaded dial tone. you may activate the ruler on balls punishment, or even the cruel dial tone when we begin a yes you may cum and a dial tone alerts you that the call has ended. I always suggest an open call because a princess should never hear a dial tone first. Simply, it’s disrespectful.

SPH Is Definitely A Plus

This type of two Princess call will enjoy the fact that you have a micro penis that gets the maximum punishment should you lose control and cum. Should you do such an infraction you may be demanded to purchase a chastity device and become our slave for life or a time allotted since we may become bored with you. If you are a good pin dick and do not fuck up you will be given perks like cumming once for the year, maybe. Britany and Andi do not fuck around when you are in the program. Maximum sentence and humiliation are the rule.

Britany And Andi The Ignore Team: The Golden Princess: 1-800-506-7178

Do The Ignore Dancer CFNM And Amuse Us

I enjoy and so does Andi, a nice little CFNM cam show with we Princesses amused and laughing while you are silent and studious. Your role in this is maximum entertainment for us and your devotion to please. There will be no anarchy. You will be under our control and we could draft a nice little contract to keep you in line.

Research Your Role As Our Dancing Dunce

Since you will be given dance suggestions as in belly dance videos or stripper clips, practice up because Britany and Andi demand top-class entertainment. This also means the clothes to match our demands like tear-away stripper clothes with acrylic six-inch heels, and maybe a harem outfit. If you are a cocksucker then a huge dildo will be required for deep throat. I’m pretty sure there are faggy cocksuckers among you who are reading this. If not, study up.


Britany And Andi The Ignore Team: The Golden Princess: 1-800-506-7178

Princess Andi

You Will Please Us Without A Doubt

A Princess is a demanding Mistress who gets what she wants. keep this in mind before your session. Be willing to please without question. Study up on chastity, orgasm denial, and especially ignore calls, what is expected of you for an intense set of sessions that will excite you to the very last minute. Sessions that leave you longing for more. A slave to a Princess Diva will also be fun and rewarding knowing that you have found your niche and your fetish will be satisfied…well maybe that is, if we decide you deserve it.

Britany and Andi the Bitch Goddess Divas XOXO