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Happy Post Thanksgiving

I hope all had a fine day yesterday. This year I spent time with my family and then off to a few clubs for dancing and drinks. I partied and ate a bit too much yesterday but managed to wake up in a very productive mood. Here I am, playing with you!

A Little Rich Nerd

So what will I do with you today? I want to cuckold you, all cuckold boys who are so inclined. I imagine a very brainy, very rich and submissive nerd who absolutely adores me. He would have to have a little tiny dick. I’ve addressed the pre-nuptial before on here, so you cuckold boys already know that drill; a document that states I will cuckold you at will whenever I feel like it and you cannot divorce me. If you do, I will get all of your money!

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Cream Pie Desert

Let’s start with my little announcement of finally it is happening!I am going out to play. I will bring you the cream pie for your Thanksgiving desert, and you will be grateful! He will be the biggest dick I’ve ever had, and I will promise you that he will be coming to visit and you will be fluffing his dick for me.

The Fluffer Cuck

Finally the day comes when I decide you will make your debut as my little submissive cocksucking fluffer boy. I’m going to dress you up as a pink party dress sissy. You will look so funny in that little sheer dress with pink panties and bra underneath. You will love the feel of the pink marabou tickling your feet. Are you ready cuckold sissy? Do you like what I have made you? Now it’s time to finally eat that cum!


Princess Britany