Captivity Punishment for Zane

Zane such a bad sissy, but not. It’s captivity punishment time! I always find the least little thing to punish him about. Last night he left my equestrian boots on the floor of the barn where anyone could steal them or be trampled by a horse. Of course I had him doing a million things at once. He had specific orders to clean and put away these $395.00 leather boots. Lucky for him they were still there when I went out for a ride in the morning! Imagine that! I had to take Lily out with dirty boots.

Captivity Punishment For Sissy Zane: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

A Horse for a Week

My best friend Maya who lives in one of the condos is gone for the week with her horse Phoenix. Guess who gets to occupy the empty stall? Zane the brain. It really does look like a jail cell with bars and heavy sliding doors with locks. For the whole week he is my prisoner in captivity sleeping on straw and eating out of a bucket. Hanging in the stall is an ensemble to wear for equestrian slavery night. My other girlfriends who’s horses occupy the other stalls want to partake in the punishment, so tonight we will have a little play with this bad slave.

Bad Sissy Needs a Cropping

He will wear the saddle and all the trimmings. Hooking the sissy up to reins, bits, and stirrups, he will be cropped heavily. Something I would never do to a horse. I can just see Lily’s teeth now…lol. This is how a Mistress Princess disciplines a bad sissy. At least my friends and I can have a good time even though nothing happened to my boots!

Princess Britany