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Phone Sex Cuckolding: What is It

Phone Sex Fantasies

Phone sex has been around for a long time, phone entertainment, erotic phone fantasies, PSO, phone sex artist, erotic telephone entertainment (coined by LDW). Things got tough love so, phone domination, phone dominatrix, phone this, phone that. Now there is Cuckold phone sex.

The Intimate Factor

What is phone fantasy . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Cuckolding: What is It

Pindick Sez I Need Love Too

The Pindick in a Nutshell

Pindick is best as a cuckold, one of my very favorite blog subjects. A cuckold with a small cock, which makes sense, because a pindick and cuckold fit together like a hand in a glove. I have never talked to or experienced a cuckold with a big dick. On . . . → Read More: Pindick Sez I Need Love Too

A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Cream Pies

You certainly must know what I mean by just deserts. A cream pie, what else? The stronger the pie, the better the guy. The stronger tasting his cum is, will be even more humiliating for a cuckold husband with a craving for strong degradation. I don’t know of anything more degrading . . . → Read More: A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Large GMO Dicks Of The Future

A Cure For Small Cockitis

Everyone seemed to love my dystopian post on small penis boys of the future. I thought we may need a cure for it. The Mistresses who commented were right. The Princesses will not tolerate a race of small-cocked men!

A Big Cock Gene

Back in the boardroom it . . . → Read More: Large GMO Dicks Of The Future

Disrobing For A Cuckolding Bull

Get To Work, Sissy Cuckold

I do imagine being a cuckolding princess with a bull worthy of my attention. I think of you patiently awaiting his arrival in your sissy maid uniform, doing your sissy duties. All of his and my favorite snacks and drinks ready and waiting the the three way party. . . . → Read More: Disrobing For A Cuckolding Bull