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Art Of The Dangle: Foot And Shoe Tease

Shedding light on how I became a foot and shoe tease princess should give you an idea how I control boys. Why shoes? Why feet? Well, duh, look at my gorgeous feet. Who could resist? Young But Not Dumb By the time I was a foot and shoe tease princess, I  intellectually and . . . → Read More: Art Of The Dangle: Foot And Shoe Tease

Spoiled Brat Foot Worship

Fetishes for a Spoiled Brat

A spoiled brat who has kink will always have a fetish up her sleeve. In this case, foot and shoe fetish beats hand in glove (unless that’s a black leather opera length glove made for spanking and jerking off your dick). Back to the subject of this story line. . . . → Read More: Spoiled Brat Foot Worship

Foot Worship With Bondage

Foot Tease

As the caption by alice says…and this is how we start with it. The slow steady tease of my feet for your foot fetish torture. Slow seductive control of your cock with the aroma of my feet, grasping between the toes and driving you crazy. Do you like the fact that . . . → Read More: Foot Worship With Bondage

Princess Foot Adoration

Be My Little Bottomfeeder

A Pedi Boi

I just had my weekly pedicure, and guess who will be learning how to do pedicures….yep, Zane. Sissy geek Zane has been in and out of chastity for me since you last heard from me. Now he is out because he is out of town and . . . → Read More: Princess Foot Adoration

Foot Worship From Bottomfeeder

You’d love to worship these feet, wouldn’t you?

The Little Foot Man

My little old man “bottomfeeder” is a very special foot and body worship boy. Always respectful, always pleasant, always entertaining. Forever amusing me, his new thing is learning reflexology with his tongue. He presses with his tongue on all of the . . . → Read More: Foot Worship From Bottomfeeder