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Creepy Phone Sex Calls

How’s Yer Cunt?

We do get a few of them but one in particular makes me mute the phone so I can laugh out loud. The call always starts ” Hows yer cunt” in a whispery creepy phone sex voice. I always reply my cunt is as always, golden. I then, “Hows yer lil . . . → Read More: Creepy Phone Sex Calls

Giantess Whoopie Cushion

The Giantess Whoopie Cushion Explained

Giantess whoopie cushion? Now what is that? I imagine a tiny boy being blown out of my ass, but in this case it’s pretty much like a trampoline. So says a boy tiny toy caller who had a vintage whoopie cushion from a joke store. This 2″ man . . . → Read More: Giantess Whoopie Cushion

The Giantess Foot Of Britany

Stomping Time!

Trample Trample….

Boom! Had an inquiry about trampling in Giant Woman Land. That’s where women have grow above and beyond, and stomp about, making a game of hunting down tiny boys. No shoes allowed, just well tended to feet by little two inch men who have been taught to foot worship. . . . → Read More: The Giantess Foot Of Britany

The Growing Giantess

A Giantess Gas Cat

A novel Giantess call. Aren’t they mostly? I talked to a shrinker the other day, actually, I was a grower. He stayed the same. Do you remember way back when in your parent’s generation when they had “whoopie cushions”? I do believe they are vintage now or maybe you . . . → Read More: The Growing Giantess