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LOOser Pissed Me Off So You Must Suffer

Princess Britany's ticked off look

Loser pissed me off yesterday so no one gets audios because of him. he tops from the bottom by giving tribute when he wants to give tribute, not when Princess demands!! Buttttttttttt…..shrimp dick , the short fat, bald loser followed through. When a beatch says they want to . . . → Read More: LOOser Pissed Me Off So You Must Suffer

Mall-icious Humiliation For Small Dicked Sissy Bitches


I will be signing out shortly for an afternoon of shopping and socializing at the mall in Glendale. The Glendale Galleria is so packed on Sundays that I have ordered this sissy I know to do the driving and parking hunting while my girlfriends and I get curb side service. . . . → Read More: Mall-icious Humiliation For Small Dicked Sissy Bitches

Yet More Pillow Humping


OMG. Is this becoming the pastime of the stoke dude masses?? It’s called pillow humping, certainly you have read about in my posts. It is becoming a fetish, now to get a variation of pillows and fabrics.

I just started a group on Enchantrix Empire on Princess bitch . . . → Read More: Yet More Pillow Humping

Do You Deserve Humiliation?

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Not this week you don’t. The Princess is getting tired of being teased and denied. The past month I have had the promise of prezzies from my wish list, sheets and body butter. A Princess becomes very disappointed when she does not get her prezzies, then she becomes a spoiled . . . → Read More: Do You Deserve Humiliation?

Cuckolding and Cocksucking

Call For Panty Hose Humiliation

Also besides cuckolding and cocksucking, I have some shoe shopping in order. Marky boy called this afternoon wanting to cum. This loser is a 250 lb 5’6″ 3″ cock beatch that begs for orgasms. The last time he was with a girl was 5 years ago. Once she . . . → Read More: Cuckolding and Cocksucking