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Threesome Tuesday Special

Want to come play? I hope I can be around to join in the fun of celebrating LDW’s 13th anniversary for the whole month of November. Details are right here!

The Life Of A Princess

I thought you may want to catch up to me and what’s happening in my life instead of . . . → Read More: Threesome Tuesday Special

The Sissy Brigade


OMG! Nothing but prim or slutty panty waists calling all week. Where are the cuckold small cocks? Are they out of season? Not that I don’t like sissy mincers, after all they are worthy of tons of laughs and amusements, are the object of humiliation, and are in dire need . . . → Read More: The Sissy Brigade

What Does it Mean to Suck Cock For Me?

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

OMG. Do you actually think I can make you do that??? ┬áSo how do I make you do that. I won’t be there ordering you to be the Princess’s slut. What you do is called “the buddy” system where you do it and report back. You should know this, dumb . . . → Read More: What Does it Mean to Suck Cock For Me?

Mall Shopping For A Princess

Don't Be a Snorefest!

It was a totally awesome mall weekend. I purchased sandals, sundresses, lingerie, and bitch shorts. What are bitch shorts? The shortest jean shorts with the cutest of patterns. These particulars have glitter on the back, zippered pockets, frayed hem, and low cut for the belly button jewelry for viewing. . . . → Read More: Mall Shopping For A Princess

How To Give A Princess A Pedicure

It's foot fetish friday

A true foot boy with know how to give a perfect pampering pedicure. Imagine Princess awaiting your arrival with a riding crop in hand, just in case you are even 3 seconds late. You arrive with a pink pedicure kit and a pair of sissy rhumba panties on under . . . → Read More: How To Give A Princess A Pedicure