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Dick Breath Jay-Me Rides Again

Got Dick Breath?

What’s a dick breath? He sucks cock so much that even a glass of water wastes time, so his mouth gets worn and dry and all you smell is his cum eating. His dick is little too, so his wife ignores him and blows him off but not in the way . . . → Read More: Dick Breath Jay-Me Rides Again

Tied Up and Abandoned: What a Mindfuck

Tied Up Then Imprisoned

More like tied up and untied, thrown in an extra large dog crate and then mind fucked for the entire night.  Story is my pops took a mini horse to a sanctuary and left the crate in the back yard temporarily. I had Zane tied up to the bed posts . . . → Read More: Tied Up and Abandoned: What a Mindfuck

Sissy Masturbation Essential Tools

Soon Sissyville will post an essay I wrote on sissy masturbation tools. Know what that is? It’s about how to masturbate like a girl, not some guy wanking his dick to a frenzy. Get civilized! Ok relax. Some guys stroke their cocks with great subtlety and finesse. This is almost the place where I . . . → Read More: Sissy Masturbation Essential Tools

Mean Girl Monday Princess Delight

Mean girl call for Monday Princess style? Oh go ahead, you love being a humiliated sissy. If I can have Foot Fetish Friday, I can have Mean Girl Monday. I may post once in a blue moon FFF, but that’s because I can. A princess can be capricious only because there is a lot . . . → Read More: Mean Girl Monday Princess Delight

Sissy Humiliation Boy Emasculation

Sissy Humiliation Fun

Sissy humiliation is no new subject for me, it just grows and grows to more dimensions. Today I want to talk about a really fun Skype call with a boy in a chastity cage with panties laid out on the bed and Cabana emma who before Cabanaism, was out of the . . . → Read More: Sissy Humiliation Boy Emasculation