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Pindick Sez I Need Love Too

The Pindick in a Nutshell

Pindick is best as a cuckold, one of my very favorite blog subjects. A cuckold with a small cock, which makes sense, because a pindick and cuckold fit together like a hand in a glove. I have never talked to or experienced a cuckold with a big dick. On . . . → Read More: Pindick Sez I Need Love Too

Jerk Off Perks for You and Your Dick

Imagine that! Getting paid to jerk off. Well, kind of.

Jerk off and get rewards. Too good to be true you say. Well, guess what? All you have to do is sign up and start stacking points! I mean, like you are calling me and stroking your cock anyways. You are being teased and . . . → Read More: Jerk Off Perks for You and Your Dick

SPH: The Highest Ranking Subject

Little Cocks Ha Ha Ha

SPH, that is small penis humiliation, is the most sought after subject on my blog. I get the most comments, the most traffic, when I blog about it. Why do you think? Because I genuinely laugh at it and am totally amused, as I roll on the floor laughing. . . . → Read More: SPH: The Highest Ranking Subject

Your Little Dick Likes Humiliation

Ashamed of Your Little Dick

Little dick? Often I walk by a boy shrugging in a humiliated manner. He has the demeanor of a “I haven’t been laid ever. I am a virgin because of my tiny little dick.” Poor boy. If you are a sissy, you revel in that. Mostly you are a . . . → Read More: Your Little Dick Likes Humiliation

Teenie Weenie Rolls Again

Teenie Weenie Little Dickie

Teenie weenie…who is that? Just about 90% of my callers…lol. Is it odd that every single caller today has a little cock? All different phone fantasies among them, from cuckold boys to sissy bois. Actually I dished out small penis humiliation to 100%. There was mention of not really into . . . → Read More: Teenie Weenie Rolls Again