Dick-licking Bad Behavior

Zane, you little sissy bitch. On your way back from filming near Phoenix you got drunk on the plane, sucking cock because you were a drunken horny loser. Caught dick-licking is more like it. Just taking a taste, and not even enough to deep throat or eat cum. Now your boss has put you on watch, and you were charged with indecent exposure. What a sissy loser. So on top of all of that, you are now suffering the wrath of Princess Britany, and in the mood to be sadistic.

 Caught Dicklicking On A Flight: Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975

Punishment for a Sissy

To start, your little dick went immediately into the chastity cage. You are now on sissy maid duty cleaning my bungalow from top to bottom, and I better not find a speck of dust anywhere or you are caned and toasted. You are in orgasm denial for three months, and you will dress in petticoats for the duration of the time. No club clothes. You may wear your work clothes to work only, then it’s petticoat city. You will wait on me hand and foot, massage my Princess feet, endure radical foot fetish punishments, and be the dick-licking slut on my big strap on. Oh there is way more.

Updating and Chastity Training

You are grounded to my computers to finish the tasks you did not finish in the past few months. I have gotten a bit too lax with you. Now it’s time to gear up and work for me. Update my OS, update my files, and lick my ass. You will sleep on the side of my bed on the floor and listen for my dinner bell. You will get what you want in one not so little area. Since you love dick-licking, I want you to fluff my new 10 inch guy, suck his cock, and eat his cum…daily for one whole month while he stays here.


Princess Britany