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Sneaky Jerk Off Sissy

Oh bad bad bad sissy! Since I have a nerd around, the nerd can take care of any problems that arise in the way of computer problems. It wasn’t really a problem, my Mac needed an operating system update, and Zane is a Mac head. He brought over a movie for me to watch, Steve Jobs. I find computing boring except for my I-Phone, so I relaxed and watched the movie about the dick. It was dope. I came out and there was Zane jerking off to sissy porn with captions, the most outrageous of faggy wear imaginable. I couldn’t believe the small cock in my view! So I got angry and ordered this little slut off the Mac so I could view exactly what he was looking at.

Captions, Bukkake, and Sissy Cum Sluts

Not only were the outfits outrageous, but the content was all about cum eating and bukkake. I inquired to the little sissy slut, seriously? You like being a cum slut? Bukkake is your thang? At this point I became as strict as possible. On my feet were bubble gum pink kitten heel pumps that were designated for the thrift store bag. The sissy caption that made me roll was some Mistress jerking off a sissy in a wine glass. The cap was “here sissy, since you were nice enough to bring us drinks, let me fix you one”. I like the caption but the dick was too big to be a sissy, and a Mistress would never jerk off a sissy. Thanks anyways “Best Sissy Captions” on Tumblr, great collection!

Ok, the pumps went into the garbage. I thought it crass to put a nasty cummed on and licked off shoe in the Goodwill bag.


Princess Britany