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Cum Eating CFNM Boy

CFNM is more fun when there is a goal in mind such as cum eating. Bringing in an “entertainer” preferably a real boy as opposed to a sissy. A real man won’t whine and complain and will do all things asked without topping from the bottom. My newest CFNM scenario will demand that boy serve us jello shots and have an empty shot glass for himself. Of course there is the strip show that he provides for us. The outfit may vary from wearing a sheer pink apron to naked with a bow tie. A goofy humiliation mask can work, a butt plug pig tail, a horse tail butt plug with saddle for riding too. The possibilities are endless and if you have an idea for a humiliation costume, give me a comment.

Now for the empty shot glass. This is where a heavy duty tease and denial session comes in. Each Princess has a stopwatch. A ruined orgasm is always a possibility, but what we like to do is get as many frustrating edges out of boy until he finally gives us a full shot glass of cum, eaten upon demand for a reward.

Princess Clicky Heels

That boy called on Skype to listen to me clicking around in my high heels. He was too shy to put on a show for me but he did jerk off nice for me while I walked around and laughed at how I was driving him crazy. I wore my purple suede 5 inch opened toed pumps with a metal tipped stiletto heel. That really got him.


Princess Britany