CFNM Are You Naked Yet?

The site of the month is Get Naked For Us. Right now you should be reading this naked and dancing. You will be tragically dancing to “Private Dancer”  by Tina Turner and “The Crying Game”, remembering the blowjob you gave that dude last night who came in your mouth and left without a thank you. CFNM are you naked yet will be the party mantra. Memorize it. Can you remember that?
CFNM Are you naked yet? Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Zane Will Entertain: Shake Shake Shake, Shake Your Weenis

Summer CFNM festivities are being planned carefully. Zane and his little dick will be the entertainment of course. He has done this a few times for me and my besties usually during the summer. The mantra will be on a banner, and of course, it is “CFNM are you naked yet”. I bought a special outfit for Zane on Hollywood Boulevard in a stripper store. It’s a tear-away pink bikini with a white and pink tear-away schoolgirl dress. He already has the acrylic stripper heels and the white thigh highs. The “Britany wig” and pink acrylic nails will accompany the outfit.

CFNM Are you naked yet? Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

CFNM Humiliation

CFNM is all about humiliation of course. A dialog of sissy insults dished out in a condescending way always accompanies and follows the dancer. The dancer inevitably will screw up now and then, and he suffers the slings and arrows of bitch princess humiliation. When he is ordered to turn around and bend over the panties are a dart board, or the water gun comes out. Mean meaner meanest echoes in his ears.

No Squirting Until I Say

The very best part of his humiliation is the final song where it’s “squirt the cum out of your weeeeenis and eat your creamy dessert”! By then Zane will be dripping sweat all over the floor and punished for it. The rest of the week is cleaning the abode of Princess as a reward.


Princess Britany