CFNM Surprise

After I posted last on CFNM for nerds, Zane got all excited about the prospect of having yet another CFNM party again. It just so happened I planned on a little get together of Princess friends without boys or any of the entertainment fluff. I then decided, why not? My friend agreed, there is nothing like a little dicked servant to serve drinks and provide entertainment. So I called him at work at the last minute telling him he had to drop all of his plans to come over and entertain a party of humiliating bitches! He had no plans anyways, so he was happy to do so.

Margaritas By The Pool

As we were cooling off in the pool, Zane slaved away cleaning and making snacks. My favorite on a very hot day was to be frozen margaritas. He worked so very hard and we decided because of the heat, he was to dress in a pink bikini with pink flip flops. He served the margaritas at the pool while a helicopter hovered by. I swear I saw the pilot pointing and laughing.

Zane’s Acting Skills

After awhile we went indoors and ordered Zane to serve more and entertain us with a clip from a movie. I got a floral kimono from the closet and we began to apply makeup to sissy boy. He was perplexed at his role and we put on a clip from the movie “Silence of the Lambs” where Jamie Gum does a dance to Garvey’s “Goodbye Horses”. The very scene where he dances and in the end tucks his little cock back and poses Botticelli like.

Zane’s Rewards

He had 30 min to get it right and present. At this point we were toasted and demanding. Here comes Zane doing the scene perfectly! He did take some classes in drama after all. His reward? On your knees for a timed orgasm countdown, and a little cum eating cocktail.

Princess Britany