Sissy CFNM Noir

CFNM birthday party for zane the brain last night! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he said, anything you want to give me, Princess. I told him, ok a CFNM party with you starring and a new sentence in chastity at the end of the night. I told him it would be a girl only party and not to worry about sucking cock this time around. Relief relief! His is not gay but a coerced bi slut who has acquired a taste for cum.

CFNM never loses it's appeal: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

New Chastity Sentence

How long of a sentence in chastity he asked. I think a sentence far longer than the last which will be over a year, maybe a year in three months. Gulp. Since my parents are in Europe, and my sister Jennifer and I are house sitting, the party was “staged” there. Jennifer, who is vanilla as the driven snow, will be out of town till tomorrow.

The Performance

My parents have a large staircase ala film noir, and zane wore a red slit in the middle evening gown bought at the used costume shop. Vintage high heeled mules, plenty of costume jewelry, Joan Crawford makeup, Joan Crawford wig, and a cigarette holder holding an unlit sissy pink cigarette. We took two couches which faced the staircase to watch zane’s descent. It was spectacular.

Chocolate Cake With A Chastity Device On Top

Zane did a strip tease after he seductively descended, and the sissy slut began his CFNM humiliation burlesque while we all clapped and sharpened up our strap ons. The birthday cake was a two layer dark chocolate cake. On top sat a bright pink silicon “Prison Bird” chastity device with a pink jeweled plug. Simply the best birthday any sissy could ask for. Chocolate cake, a new pink device, a fabulous performance with pegging by 7 Princesses!

Princess Britany