Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

It’s A CFNM Party!

It was partay time Saturday night with Maya, three other hottie friends, and of course the party favor Zane. Devon was not invited because as I mentioned, he is not a kinkster and he considers Zane a little sissy pussy boi. Someone inquired about Devon’s dick and if I would take a picture of it. Big fat NO, ok? If he wanted that, yes, but he does not.

Princess Warms Up

The party started early, around 6pm after I talked to some boys. Warming up while on the phone talking to boys makes for good attitude for any Mistress. No CFNM boys chimed in however, a little tease and denial though…nice! Here we go!

Such A Good Foot Rest!

Zane brought over tasty takeout from my favorite Thai restaurant, and brought top shelf ingredients for Mai Tais which he studied to prepare. It was a beautiful spread. Zane served the food and kept the drinks flowing. I don’t suggest Mai Tais daily because they make for a huge hangover. There was no order to dance. He was naked except for a chastity cage. His job was to give foot massage and to be used as human furniture. He was denied orgasm even though he begged and pleaded to cum. We did not allow it. He cleaned up after the party thoroughly and was not allowed even one little edge. Poor Zane, this was so different from the last CFNM humiliation party he was ordered to do. At least then he was allowed to stroke and eat his own cum.

Princess Britany