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Chastity Fun for the Summer Challenge

Chastity Fun from Summer to Fall

Chastity fun? Yes, it can be. Let’s start next month on the first day of summer which is June 21st to the first day of fall which is the 23 of September. Oh, come on! It’s only three months! Just think of the benefits. If you are dedicated to orgasm denial,┬áif you are dedicated to me, as your Mistress, then what is the problem? Email me your concerns privately on why you cannot please your princess. You will not be alone if you decide to lock up. zane the brain will be starting a new round of chastity on that day, and I will be blogging regularly on his journey. For the first day, he will not be allowed to cum because it will dull his devotion to orgasm denial which he loves so much.

Chastity Fun For The Summer Challenge: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

CFNM Pool Party

I plan on a huge CFNM pool party in early July for him. Perhaps Independence Day would be good, celebrating his independence from cumming…lol. I imagine having you and him neck in neck in frustration, reporting your wet dream events, fun things to post to my blog of your frustrations and of your sissy whining, if you are a sissy. Sissy thrives on chastity whining whether in a pink chastity cage or not.

Chastity Fun For The Summer Challenge: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Virtual Britany

So I have a big question for you, and unless I have a following, forget it. Would you like to see and interact with me in our Enchantrix Virtual World? Would you love to walk the mall with a princess virtually? I was thinking about how fun it would be to virtually walk in clicky heels down the hall of the mall with a sissy on a leash walking into a VS store for sissy humiliation, and maybe a public spanking.

Princess Britany

4 comments to Chastity Fun for the Summer Challenge

  • I think a chastity challenge will get plenty of those already locked up and newbies wanting to try all revved up. You’re right Ms. Britan, it is only three month or ninety days. That’s a good starter point for anyone at the beginning of their chastity journey.

  • blueballs

    Hi Princesss Britany! I’ve already got a headstart on chastity for the summer, but its not really a “challenge”, since I have no choice in the matter. I’ve been locked up since May 20th and my sexy hotwife wants to keep me that way through the end of summer. She has several vacations planned this summer with stud boyfriends and she enjoys keeping me desperately horny and obedient and ready to serve her. She has decided this lifestyle of no orgasms for me really works out good for her, so I will have to learn to accept my independence from cumming as you say. lol It’s going to be a long, hot and sticky summer!

  • Britany

    Good luck with that…..

  • Britany

    Starting points require goal, and they think they can do it!

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