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Why Chastity

So you said you wanted a little chastity training with your tease and denial did you? Do you know what that means? It means complete control over your whole life by me. Ha! “What? My whole life Princess Britany” ? Yes! Because your whole life for some, is definitely centered around that dick.

My Preferred Chastity Boy

That being said, the Princess prefers chastity boys that are of a more independent type. How I like it is have a call after you have ordered your chastity cage, lock you up and have you send daily pictures of the cock caged up and secure. Checking you on cam is a bit laborious for me when I am busy. Chasing a boy around the web can be tiring.

Schedule of Release

The schedule of release will be taken care of by both of us. I prefer a month to month schedule. At the end of the month, the cage is removed and more cock teasing will happen, with or without release. Sometimes a boy will want to go longer, and some wont last at all.

Unlocked For Just A Minute

Should the boy be granted release, I will insist to lock him back up again for obvious reasons. Right! Once he cums he loses interest and goes into the stroker boy mode, addicted to masturbation. This is what we have to try to break. The compulsive need to jerk off all the time making him a bit on the slow side. To keep a boy sharp as a tack, chastity training has a powerful effect!


Princess Britany