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Sissy Pom Pom’s Little Poem

Sissy pom poms gave me the best cheer ever! Are you a sissy cheerleader? Feel free to borrow this cheer:

C-O-C-K! I’m gonna suck a cock today
B-A-L-L-S! I love to lick them, yes! yes! yes!
C-U-M! spells cum ! Cum is yum!

That was sissy pom pom’s cheer. Now do you sissies want to send me cheers to post? Straight from Sissy U. We can devote a whole post of them and I can make a page. Do it sissies!

Such A Loser

Fucktard called me the other night after a month or so, said he gave up strip clubs so he can give ME all of his money. I told the loser to call back after his time ran out and he didnt! Now how is that for insubordination? That’s ok, I’m pretty sure loser didnt cum, I always have him on orgasm denial anyways. Bad bad bad. It seems boys and gurls love to call me for humiliation. If you read my blog, you must luuuuuuuuv humiliation. One of my boys tells me that I am truly a mean girl. He’s always setting traps to see if I get nice. I do, but in a patronizing way, so he never really gets the sugar.

The Princess Alliance

Speaking of sugar, Princess Andi and I offered boys and gurls a mean nice tag team. What gives? The sweet demeanor of Andi and the Princess of bitch doesnt hit you below the belt? Oh Im sooooooo disappointed. Try it sometime, we may surprise you!


Princess Britany