CFNM is Clothed Female Naked Male Abbreviated

Clothed Female naked male is just long for CFNM , but I’m sure you know that after calling a multitude of Princess Punishers one after one for a cock tease. I had a guy the other day ask me “What does Princess do?” I replied that she and her friends are entertained, served and provide humiliation which goes with CFNM. He replied, “How boring!” Before I could reply with “What do you expect her to do. Suck your little cock?”┬áHe rudely hung up, and I gathered he was definitely not a submissive and a “do me” boy.

Clothed Female Naked Male: What Does Princess Do? Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Princesses Pleasure

So what exactly do the Princesses do? First off, boy is entertainment and a servant of Princess humiliation. Princess is dressed in the sexiest of girlie clothes that do not reflect any kind of BDSM behavior. Imagine a short denim skirt, bare tanned legs, white kitten heel mules, a tight t-shirt, and a pony tail. She will sit there, indulging in drinks that boy has made, discussing the fate of the boy. If he is wearing anything, it will be a little sheer apron, and he will be doing a sexy dance for us as we clap and grab his ass, his little cock (if that is the case), squirt him with water, then as the margaritas flow, perhaps dish out verbal humiliation and objectify him to be a foot stool.

Humiliated to the Very End

Does a “Clothed Female Naked Male” boy get to cum? Yes. If requested. Often he will request eating his own cum for humiliation. Ruined orgasms are not unusual, tease and denial is often included, and strap on play is mostly included. Edging stroke sessions are definitely the norm to the clapping hands and laughing.

Princess Britany