Suck That Cock Sissy!

Suck That Cock Sissy!

Liar Liar Panties On Fire

Why is it when you ask some sissies if they suck cock, they will tell you that they only like women but sissy will suck her strap on. A strap on is a major give away that the sissy would be open to a cocksucking session with a real dick. Here is the test:

The Porn Of Choice For Sissy? Big Black Cock!

The Porn Of Choice For Sissy? Big Black Cock!

Big Dick Slideshow

Order sissy in front of the computer dressed to the nines. Choose before this session big suckable cocks for her to view, and put them in a slide show. Leave the room briefly and quickly return to see if she is little miss tent panties. Ha! Busted! I’ll bet anything that she has a little woody.

Cum Eating Slideshow

Put on some cum eating photos in a slide show. if she doesn’t flinch then she is a cum eater too. I have no idea except for her upbringing and taboos why she wouldn’t admit to liking a dick.

Dicks On The Drive

The next thing to do is check sissies hard drive. I’ll bet anything there are photos of dick. If you see couples porn, she most likely imagines herself as the female. Once she admits she likes dick, then it’s time to introduce the real cock. A little cocksucking coercion you find, will be much appreciated by sissy. She will be a happier sissy with a lightness in faggoty step and a penis licker smile on her face. You may even see some creamy white cum on her pearly whites she so diligently takes care of. Such a little narcissist!


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