Your Cocksucking Skills. Are They Up To My Demands?

This post on cocksucking is to keep the faggy pants set aware of their numbers. Boys who do not suck cock can simply stare at my awesome body and think about how you would worship my feet because it is after all foot fetish Friday. Foot fetish does not limit the area. There are these long legs and my fancy ass. Let’s get down to the cocksucking though and leave the ass licking and the foot fetish love till later. Why? Because this is the order of things.

Cocksucking: What Is Your Count: Princess Britany: 1-800-601-6975

It’s About Time You Become Selective On Your Dick Choices. The Bigger The Better

I love hearing the journey from speculating and deciding that you will actually fasten your mouth on a dick. The bigger the better. The development of skills involving graduating from a doable small penis to a hefty member that squirts on the roof of your mouth. Blowing the type of alpha guy that challenges you to open your throat wide as he grabs your ears for position. I have tutored many fag curious boys on Skype, watching and choosing various sized dildos for them. I always order these boys in girlie panties for fag humiliation whether into sissy mentality or not.

Sucking Slurping, And Don’t Forget To Swallow!

Slurping and sucking sounds are ordered because I demand to see the enjoyment slut boys repress. I strive to bring them out in the open to face the fear of being outed as a faggot. If they are clever enough, they can hide from the public but not from me. I can spot a dick licker a mile away!

Cocksucking: What Is Your Count : Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

It’s Foot Fetish Friday. Wash That Dick Sucking Mouth Of Yours First!

While you are at it, the diligent cocksucking lessons learned on Skype, get your mind on my feet and follow the caption without flaw. You are all mouth, designed to use it. One thing you are ordered to do is to wash that mouth out with soap and mouthwash before you even think of serving my feet because no dicks before my feet.


XOX Princess Britany