Cock Teasing the Home Depot Guy

Mostly when they send out a repair guy for major appliances, he will most likely be a seasoned retired mechanic of sorts to work on your fridge. Segueing into just the other day I was in Home Depot looking at lumber to build my raised beds for the garden. Ummmm noooooo, I certainly will not be building the raised beds. Zane? Uh yes. not ruining my manicure. I can barely get my fingers in dirt. Anyways, back to the Home Depot shopping. Some little old guy, old enough to be my Gramps was on my tail. he was about 5’4″ looking up at me with delight and flirting like crazy. “My, my, aren’t you the prettiest young lady with the longest legs”. I said “yes they are and they go all the way up to my ass. Now can you tell me where the barn wood is”? Now back to cock teasing the repair guy. I just happen to be on the roll of repair guys and Home Depot workers.

Cockteasing The Repair Guy: Britany 1-800-601-6975
Cockteasing The Repair Guy: Britany 1-800-601-6975

Cock Teasing the Repair Guy

Today before I signed in to take calls I had a swim in the pool and came back inside for some cold water. I totally forgot I was expecting a visit from a repair guy to fix my fridge. I was wearing my pink Brazilian thong bikini with the Bandeau top. The front door was open and I told the repair guy to come in. He was totally hot. My age and tall, mixed ethnicity and seemed a bit dumb, at least he looked that way because his mouth was open in the “duh” position. I gave him a big smile and walked back to my bedroom. The mirrors were positioned so I could see him peering around the corner staring at my ass. I thought I may fluster and cock tease him until he was done.

What Happened then, Princess Britany?

Most of you are thinking. did you seduce him? Dress him up like a sissy? Make him stroke his cock with your tease and denial capabilities? Then I remembered zane’s chastity cage sitting on the counter fresh out of the dishwasher…oops. I actually came back wearing my Daisy Dukes, and a little tee shirt. All the time he was staring at my feet. So what did I end up doing. I gave him my phone number. His face lit up and he smiled. Then I ordered him to fix the fridge. Nice bulge in those pants I thought!


Princess Britany