Princess Britany

Princess Britany

Attention Cocksuckers

Did you just tell me that you loved to be coerced to suck cock? Yes you did and you are blushing in the most flattering shade of red. I can teach you to be the most awesome cocksucker, and the option to wear panties is all yours! In fact I would love it if you did.

Get Your Dildos Ready

With any lesson, you will need toys for boys. To be the absolute best cocksucker three dildos of various size will be needed. I want you to buy an ejaculating dildo to practice cum eating because cum eating is absolutely essential to cocksucking skills. Until you have mastered the gag reflex, and until you can swallow a load of cum with a grateful smile, you will not earn the title of master cocksucker.

Get The Suction Going

It’s all in the rhythm of the suck. As the cock goes in your mouth, the suck begins. On the outstroke, your tongue makes one big revolution around the shaft. You then start again, doing this for about 10 strokes.

It’s All In The Wrist

For your break, you tease and stroke the cock while your tongue circles the head. Vary the stroke with twists, turns, and fast jerking. For another break you get to suck his balls…now isn’t that fun and rewarding?

Deep Throat

It’s time to get on your back so he can angle his cock in your mouth for delightful deep throat. You may gag here and that is acceptable. It makes his dick feel extra large, so be sure to be extra dramatic. As he holds your ears to get the maximum depth, be sure to moan with delight.

Time For Your Snack

Finally we all know what is cumming. It’s best to eat cum on your knees to feel the spray on the roof of your mouth and to avoid choking on it. Now eat with a big smile. Panties and a butt plug will enhance your pleasure if you are so inclined


Princess Britany