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Corporal Discipline

This butt is not for you to spank. Yours however is fine for me to spank, crop, cane, and whip. The juicy subject of the day! What brought me to this subject? Shopping for equestrian gear in Malibu.

Shopping In An Equestrian Store

I do believe I mentioned that my daddy bought me a beautiful Peruvian Paso mare. Peruvians are short and have a lateral gait. They do not cantor. She is easy to mount as I am tall. Her name is Lily and I adore her. I’m not interested in using a crop on her, but I am interested in using a crop on you! While looking at English saddles, I spotted the cutest heart shaped riding crops.

Black Leather Gloves

Spanking Zane’s ass with black kid leather gloves for example, while he is trapped between my strong thighs is the way I like to administer corporal discipline on him the most. To top it off, I take both gloves off, and use them to slap his ass…thwack thwack thwack!!! The gloves are elbow length so they make the most delightful sound.

A Little Dick’s Punishment

Cropping is best done with Zane standing in the corner staring down at his little dick. It’s even more fun when I tell him to hold it in his hand. With each stroke of the crop, he is ordered to say “I have a little cock“. I usually give him at least ten strokes.

6 Of The Best

Caning is entirely different. I start the session off with major body worship of my ass and I make him say “In order to worship this beautiful ass, I must endure six of the best”. I then order him over the couch to endure six intense rattan cane strikes. He then is allowed ass worship as I admire the six stripes that decorate his cheeks.

The Single Tail Style

Whipping is something I am learning through you tubes. Zane just bought me a black leather single tail whip. Before I do a whipping session on him, I am practicing on a bulls eye. Single tailing requires a great deal of skill. It’s wonderful having a willing slave to practice on!


Princess Britany