Crossdress To Your Thrift Store

Do you crossdress? Do you find yourself buying expensive impulse buys only to regret it later? What if you mix in sissy with crossdressing for variety. I personally love that because you can have the best of both worlds and add variety. There are sissy crossdressers.

Crossdress for Less: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Crossdresser Sissies Too

Head to the best thrift store and go enfemme. You must dress up for this assignment, sissy comes in later when you come home and get ready to call me. Sissy is more hidden, crossdressers are out…hopefully. Some are still in the closet. I can see why. A girl like me appreciates a male in crossdress er fashion, a conservative housewife does not, especially heavy duty religious types.

Pink! More Pink!

In many thrift stores, garments are color coded. A sissy will immediately head to the pink section, a crossdresser likes a variety of colors, often black and red. Both love the feminine touch with lace, sheer, and poufy. I find that pink is on sale more often than anything else. Check for stains and do not buy if they are.


Think about what would turn on an alpha male if you are prone to bi cocksucking encounters. If not, what would Mistress approve of. How humiliating is it if you are into being humiliated. Consider your kink and work it into the garments of choice. Do you have a stripper fantasy? Head to the lingerie section, in fact, never skip the lingerie section. There is something for slut and good gurl as well.

Consider Cum Splatters

Is the garment cum eating friendly? How will your face look covered in cum and dripping on your new blouse. Black is always good for cum drips…hahaha…little sissy slut can wear black here and there for special cum shot loads. Dress for success, crossdress for less, and don’t forget to wash your finds first!


Princess Britany