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In Drag

This post may definitely border on female impersonator style because these gurls are so over the top! Their makeup is well studied, their bodies are personal trainer sculpted, they have elaborate wardrobes, their theatrical training is pure talent, and their sexual preferences are all very diverse.

Zane As Jane

I got Zane out there to the costume shop in Hollywood so I could prepare a CFNM humiliation party with him as the drag queen. He kept drifting over to the super hero section and I absolutely forbid it. They are just too dominant female for this little twerp. Instead, he was ordered to the 50’s housewife section to prepare him for a submissive role, and we found the perfect costume. A 50’s diner doll waitress uniform with the shortest little dress in red and white stripes. White ankle socks, red Mary Janes, red scarf, and red stripped pillbox hat. This one had a name tag “Betty”, and we can’t forget the black rimmed butterfly glasses.

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

CFNM With A Manly Twist

So what is in store for Zane? Zane has been renamed jane, by the way. What is in store for jane is what any little party gurl gets except, this is not only a CFNM party, she gets to serve some cocks this time. She has been served up cum as she is a cum eating little sissy slut. This party is scheduled for this Sunday. I cannot wait to report it after.

Princess Britany