Cuckolding And The Beta Husband

December is the month for cuckolding. When the cold creeps in it’s nice to cuddle with that special boy, and it’s not the cuckold husband by any means. It’s that strong hard bull that you met online on a big dick site offering his services to a hot wife. December is a month of change. What better time than this to make new friends.

BBC With The Personal Trainer

I have a fantasy of my own about cuckolding behavior. An after-hour gym with a big black personal trainer spreading my long legs on a workout bench. My cuckold husband is home cleaning the house and baking cookies. BBC is baking in my hot house. My cuckolded husband knows what I am up to and his little dick gets hard in anticipation of the hot cream pie that I will bring home.

Cuckolding In The Month Of December 1-800-601-6975

Fantasy Is Always Better Than Reality

It certainly is not a novel fantasy but if you imagine it happening it really could be something that could happen in the cuckolding world. Cream pie fantasies? An offhand way of practicing a little faggy adventure. In real life, it is as simple as fucking a hot guy but in the cuckolding world, it gets very elaborate.

Yes You Must Eat It

I have done tons of cuckold fantasies and they mostly end the same. Little dicked hubby is either in chastity and cannot stroke, or he strokes and is ordered to eat it.


Princess Britany