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Love to Ignore You!

Peek a boo! Do you love this picture? Tell me so! Anyways, that loser ignore boy is probably the best boy for a princess, as I can put the phone down and call my friends and boyfriend. The last call with this loser was simply putting the phone down and calling my boyfriend for a phone sex session. One way you can get a vanilla phone session, is to call me, I put you on ignore, and I call my boyfriend. Since he has a big dick, you can hear me describe how I will suck it and then ride it. On this session with loser, I could hear loser breathing hard and groveling. I then got on the phone and yelled at him, hey, don’t touch your stupid little dick!

Cuckolding Anyone?

I recently discovered that many boys have cuckold fantasies, more than one would think. My fun boy “raddie’ confessed. As young as he is, the sophisticated realm of cuckoldry has touched this boy of 21, describing a guy he took gym with. This boy was only 5’8″ but had an enormous 10 ” cock. Young raddie imagines me and this boy , in fact raddie imagines me with all kinds of cock of all colors. Now that’s versatility!

I’m hanging in the big house for a few days, taking calls on the huge overstuffed couch. Parents and sister are out of town, so I’m raiding the tequila stash, and having my guy come over tonight for some fun in the king sized bed!


Princess Britany