Cum Cuisine Loves Pineapple

Cum cuisine is always best with a pineapple fast for a day or two. It’s time to prepare spring cleansing with some fruits and veggies, especially juiced in the big machine, and don’t forget the lemons! I’m preparing a few sissies for cum eating adventure that involves a little coerced bi, of course. Now, it says nothing about all the pain sissy will endure just trying to get sweet tasting cum. It’s simply a primer on how to have tasty edible cum. Sissy will probably never have a chance to have her cum in a willing mouth. Well, maybe in a torrid sissy sex session which is what I am preparing them for!

Cum Cuisine, Make It Sweet: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Maids

One thing is for sure, I want both panty boys in similar sissy regalia. What would be most outrageous is two sissy maid charmers with different color uniforms, different color hair and nails, and different lipstick is very important. So these sissies are for sissies only, the absolute height of narcissism! Time to eat, gurls.


Cum cuisine will have lots of watermelon both juiced and whole. Melons are included,  but I like to have fun with those by cutting small cylindrical holes for little sissy dicks to practice creating melon a la cum. This is the perfect way to break in a sissy for submissive cum eating.

Mint for Good Tasting Cum

A daily juice will be mint sprigs, cucumber, celery, lemon, and of course pineapple. No asparagus, dairy products, or red meat allowed for four days. A party is planned for the two “ladies”. It’s the perfect time to have a CFNM party with jumbo cocktail glasses and two sissies finally enjoying premium cum. This doesn’t let them off the hook ending their fasting. They stay on the fasting, because in another week there will be another party to celebrate all of that weight they lost!


Princess Britany