Stripper Sissy Adores Eating Cum For The Princess

Thanks to all of my voracious cum eating bois and boys for entertaining me all last week. I had some verrrrrrry creative boys too. One sissy dressed up in a peach colored teddy with acrylic stripper heels, did a tease for me on cam, dancing like a little slut in heat.  She had a champagne glass ready to be filled with cum, and she was actually dancing perfectly as she came in the glass, then she delicately licked it out not missing a drop.

Eating Cum Out Of A Vintage Open Toed High Heel

I had another little sissy who had a major shoe fetish. This one did not have a cam, so we did a fantasy where she jacked off in the shoe which was an open toe slingback vintage style model. I had great fun with a little tease and denial, and finally a nice big blast of cum in the shoe dripping out of toe into her willing and waiting mouth. Usually cum eaters hang up quickly because in the end, they really don’t want to eat it. Not these two boys.

Cock Teaser Audios

I’m having a great summer and have been signing in after some pool time. Since I have more time, I think I’ll work on some audios to post . Some little teasers focusing on humiliation and cuckolding. Small penis humiliation, the usual fun sissy teasers and a bit of cock tease and orgasm denial. If you have any requests and would like to leave a comment or e-mail, I would be more than happy to record a short teaser.


Princess Britany