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Cum Facials for Sissies and Men

Cum Facials Loved by Some

Cum facials seem to be a popular topic with sissies, however, I have run into real men with faggy inclinations that enjoy too. There is a difference though, sissies truly do use cum as a facial, spreading it evenly on the face, and then swallowing the last drop as a reward. Real men are a little more primal with cock sucking. What happens mostly, is an act of dominance and submission. The more spray in a big load can be thoroughly humiliating. The sprayer often takes the head of his cock and spreads it on the slut’s face then puts the tip of his dick into the slut’s mouth saying “Suck it, fag.” If the slut was a spectacular blow job, then another blowjob may be in order. How flattering to the bi-cock sucker.

Cum Facials For Sissies And Men: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Loving the Submission

I’m not gonna cover porn stars and cum facials, because these are ladies in a submissive role, getting sprayed over and over again in films and not really doing it for pleasure. I’m talking about sissies who thrive on cum eating humiliation and pearl necklaces. I talked to a sissy the other day who went on a cum fast! Like WTF, I enjoy the idea, but cum will not be complete nutrition for the three days she had done. She was on such a charge for this, every other word was cum facials and pearl necklaces.

Randy Real Men

I’m talking about randy real men and how hard they can fuck each other and their super aggressive blow job ways. Ear grabbing, cock shoving, cum sprayed like a fire hose in a very disrespectful way. These are hair pulling and hair raising slam pig sessions that often accompany fag sex in the leather man realm. Exceptions are always the rule. In the non leather man realm of faggy cum facials, respect and pleasure prevail.


Princess Britany


4 comments to Cum Facials for Sissies and Men

  • That is a very astute observation, that men are more primal with their cocksucking. You are 100% correct, although I’d say men are more primal with almost everything when compared to a sissy. I imagine sissies gagging and choking on a cock while holding it daintily with their pinkie up! 😉

  • sissy donna

    Princess Britany,You are right what You say about sissies and cum facials. i am a submissive cum slut that loves to eat plenty of cum at glory holes and truck stops,and i love it over my sissy face also,as well as in my stomach!

  • Britany

    sissy donna gets plenty of protein!

  • Britany

    oh right, sweet dainty dirty… and I think that may be an act…LOL

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