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Cum Lovers

Why do so many boys call the Princess for cum eating sessions? Because the Princess makes it fun and delicious. The varieties of recipes will entice even the most apprehensive of boys. My favorite of course is on the back with legs up, cock pointing to the mouth for the cum eating experience as I had 2 boys do for me today, one after the other. What a treat!

Cum Eater One

Cum eater j entertained me by bouncing up and down on his new purple dildo that I ordered him to buy from Last Call. He also did 40 pullups while dildo was still in! He promised me a picture of a lipsticked forehead saying Britany’s cum slut. cum eater j will do absolutely anything I demand, that’s what makes him a good boy.

Cum Eater 2

Cum eater j2 was actually first but it was our first call together. He entertained me on Skype. Skype sucked today as it had a connection problem popup that wouldn’t go away and was in the way of the dick show. I did see beads of cum at the end, and this boy ate it for me. Good show.

The Ultimate Cuckold Husband

I imagine the guy I end up with will be rich, successful, intelligent, and submissive. It won’t matter if his cock is big because he will be open to cuckolding. In fact he will sign a prenuptial expecting it in our relationship. Most likely it would happen down the road when he leasts expects it. He will think I’m totally over it, and then suddenly the bull shows up with a cocky smile and a big dick to throw the wrench in the works…boo hoo. A little more down the road, sissy cuckold ready to serve in a humiliating sissy maid uniform.


Princess Britany