Buy Me Some Wolfords!!!

Buy Me Some Wolfords!!!

The List To Love

Oh yes we all have them in our library: the omnipresent dummies books. I have Mac for dummies, horse health and nutrition for dummies, and a few more. Now I would love to publish a cummies for dummies, or a small penis humiliation for dummies. How to be a sissy for dummies? Cuckolding for dummies! The kink possibility is endless. Cummies for dummies just sounds the best, so I’m gonna play with that here.

Doing It With Class

Now obviously every boy knows how to cum. I want to address doing it with finesse and class.

Sissies: You must have panties for this. You must not take your little dick out of the panties while clitty stroking. Should you be instructed to eat your cummies, you must deposit it not in the panties but in a Pink Lady cocktail. Ladylike stroking is a necessity. There will be no jacking like a guy. Pillow humping is acceptable.

Small penis strokers: To do this with class will require a thimble filled with lube. LOL…not really, ok seriously: much like a sissy, it will require the palm of your hand. I call it “palming”. The big difference is you won’t be a boy wearing panties unless you request it or like it. You fill your palm with lube and simply enjoy the circular stroking doing it in a civilized fashion. No grunting, groaning, or thrusting.

The manly man cummers: This requires a soft sexy voice using a lot of control. You can do it without grunting. Nice deep sexy breaths with stroking wet stroking sound effects in the background makes the tease sublime. No screaming at the end. Focus on a sexy fuck whispering in an ear, not bucking and yelling into it, have class.

That’s it for today. Can you make suggestions to add to the cummies for dummies “book” ?

Princess Britany