Though I most likely will be gone tomorrow, give a call to another Princess. You can call me now cuz I’m on for a little bit longer. You ask, where are you going Britany? Shopping? Oh no, please. My Princess feet will not be trampled because of some sale. I don’t do Black Fridays ever unless it’s another type of Black Friday that is…heeheehee……Here are the details for OUR sale!

Black Friday Dick Breath Jamie Style

Now I don’t want to go into a huge fantasy of Black Friday Britany style, but now you have me thinking about big black dick. Not for me but for dick breath jamie the little sissy faggot glory hole cocksucker, and today, a cum eating slut boi. It would figure jamie would call today. Just the word BLACK sends her reeling, and here she was on the phone preparing for her meal of cum.

Bitch Slapped With The Black Dick

I so enjoyed her details about the time she met a big black dick at a glory hole. This guy was so “cocky”, he just came into dick breath jamies room and fucked her face. She did recount how she got her face slapped with that dick because she wasn’t doing it hard enough.

Smallest Dick Ever

Dick breath jamie has a theory that since her dick is only three inches long…the smallest cock in the world, she is a natural born faggot. I challenged that. Some gay men have huge cocks. Dick breath is not one of them. Jamie is simply the boi who takes it on her knees, double stuffed like a good gurl!

Your Meal Is Hot And Ready!

Dick breath jamie ate her cum on demand and was repulsed. I told her she had to get used to it. From now on the glory hole has to be a cum eating extravaganza as well!


Princess Britany