Got Dick Breath?

What’s a dick breath? He sucks cock so much that even a glass of water wastes time, so his mouth gets worn and dry and all you smell is his cum eating. His dick is little too, so his wife ignores him and blows him off but not in the way that he likes. He is dick breath Jay me, and I named him. This humiliation slut makes his way around LDW searching for more and more humiliation. He was outed by Brighton about his escapades in a bath house, now I am outing him on his faggyness in front of his wife’s mom.

Dick Breath Jay-Me Rides Again: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Makeup Thief

Dick Breath was telling me how his mominlaw doesn’t like him because he’s not manly. I imagine her sneaking around the house to the bathroom window in hopes of catching the pathetic sissy stealing his wife’s makeup. Yep…there he is primping like a pretty fag checking every angle of his cocksucking face. I imagine narcissus, so entranced by his prettiness that he loses all sense of time and reality. As his mominlaw stews at the sissy slut, imagining his lips wrapped around a dick, she bangs fiercely on the window. The fag sees her grow horns and breath fire, freaks out and jumps on a stool in an “eek a mouse” fashion.

He Likes It Rough

Dick Breath likes manly men with wife beater tank tops. He loves to be mouth fucked in a rough manner, and spit roasted I’m sure. The idea of cuddling up to the real man makes him all bimbo magic. Suddenly he is ass up on the floor getting plowed like a slut. I imagine his wife and mominlaw witnessing the repugnant act, cheering the manly one on to slap Jay-me’s face with his 10″ dick. What’s next? The cum blast all over his face for skin conditioning and breath sweetener.

Princess Britany