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The SPH pair return to entertain the princess for awhile. I needed a computer upgrade and did not want to ruin my manicure, so I told them to get over here and make themselves useful. A new wireless printer setup and an OS upgrade were in order. Just do it , I ordered. Between the nerd chatter and the vision in my head of two small cocks uselessly sitting at a desk in my bungalow made me roll my eyes then laugh.. Jany was the one with the micro dick that paid me $200 to humiliate it. That was not expected, just handed over in good will. Jany is the second addition after Zane. Appropriately named the dickless ones!

Dickless Ones Jany And Zane Entertain Me: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

It did not take long for the dickless ones to do the tasks as I relaxed filing my nails and drinking some wine. so I asked, what’s next? How about a little compare and contrast of dick sizes. I also want to do some tease and denial games. In fact I want to start a complete orgasm denial program. Zane has a chastity cage, and Jany should have one too. I have a vision of me all dressed in fetish wear with both of them on leashes wearing nothing more than cock cages! Preparation needs to be done. I also want to send the pictures to my besties so we can plan a CFNM party. Dickless one #2 asked what is a CFNM party? Oh dear some education is needed here.

Dickless Ones Jany And Zane Entertain Me: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

There is something very exciting in training a newbie submissive sissy. When they ask what’s this what’s that I just think of the possibilities to follow. I imagine sissy jany with a ball gag, pink frillies with a pink chastity cage under, a pink butt plug, and groveling to his new Mistress. Perfect!

Princess Britany