Ok I love this fantasy. The caller insisted it was not a fantasy but reality. A chaste cage was imposed on his penis when he awoke from a dream on a table circled by female aliens. Finally I got him to admit is was his deepest darkest fantasy to be abducted by alien women who lock him in chastity. The method of locking it on his penis was” sealing it”. An alien hand conforms to the cage and seals it on the penis, never to be unlocked again. This is a common fantasy among chastity slaves because a cage can be removed if one really tries. Permanent chaste cage fantasy prevails.

Dicks Hermetically Sealed In A Chaste Cage: Britany 1-800-601-6975

This is a sci fi phone sex fantasy and we do have a site for this. I may take this whole subject and create a listing on there. The thought appeals to me to be an alien dressed in silver leather, Bowie “Woman who Fell to Earth” story. After I mentioned that, we began exchanging ideas on how a character could be built for the princess. The whole notion of her hand being a sealing device for a chastity cage was really intriguing. What about a cock stroking device that has built in electro torture? Let’s invent it. A a super sonic milking pump that sucks out precum in seconds? An alien super sexy robot that will fuck me for the last time before the cage is sealed on?

Guess what soon to be chastity slave. You do not get a fuck from a sexy robot. Your fate is sealed in the cold world of space. Most likely you will eat your cum from a test tube, but one thing’s for sure, you and the cage will be one…forever.


Princess Britany