Where Are You On The Scale??

Where Are You On The Scale??

For Your Penis

Photo compliments of sissy maureen, my new little bottom feeder, body worshipper, and hamper skunk. Do you not love this little vintage ruler? How do you measure up? From “should have been a girl” to “WOW”, where are you. Chances are since this post caught your eye, I’ll be “just a water spout”. sissy maureen admits she has a very little cock which is her clit. Sissies tend to boast of under endowment. After all, they have to have something more or less to prove that they are sissies. The smaller the better in this world of competition. A Princess will insist as it is there for humiliation and no other use at all. Personally I like “the home wrecker” size. Just perfect!

Make Your Own Peter Meter

Now that you have seen the peter meter, try to make one of your own if you are the humiliated small penis boy. I would like to see what you create. When it comes to a boy’s small cock, creativity knows no bounds, right?

Just Say It, Fag!

This brings me to cocksuckers who love to be called sissy faggots and cum eaters. There are those that are shy to say, like pulling teeth. I love to get it out of them, coaching them along to just say it! I’m a sissy faggot cocksucker and cum eater. Once you say it, there is a sigh of relief, that you have achieved what you first wanted to say when you called me. A little assignment for you is to write it 100 times , take a picture, and send it to me. I promise I will post it!


Princess Britany