Domination Games with Sissies and Rope

Domination, a practice of plenty. Personally I prefer bondage sissies who are purists and insist on rope bondage. Rope bondage ala Shibari can be very pretty and ornate, especially done with pretty pink rope. Dressing the sissy up first is the “forplay”, getting her ready for a long rope session, tightening it just right, adding humiliation, and then taking photos to commemorate the event. She gets to cum sometimes, it really depends on how long it has been, but I really like orgasm denial instead of tease and please.

Domination The Princess Way: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6965

How About Corporal

Next to bondage sissies, corporal discipling boys or sissies is next on the menu. Princess loves to collar a boy/boi, get the leash, fill the toy bag, decide if he wears panties or a leather harness, and of course what color leash. Then there is my outfit of course which is sweet smelling leather mostly. I’m no rubber Princess. A Princess does not like to sweat. Just lately I have a Mistress tutoring me in big old bullwhip. It’s way sexy and way dominant and takes much practice.

Worship My Feet

Can you guess what is last? Foot fetish domination and worship. Of course you knew that. The trample with or without stilettos gets me wet. Low and to the bottom worshippers, slapped with a bare foot worshippers, and penis foot in mouth do it for me. It’s just the power I feel when a boy is so far below only the foot will do. Proper pedicures, proper foot massages, the gift of high end shoes and boots. The much desired foot job and the cum eating after.

Domination is the word of the day, and you get to have it with me by phone.


Princess Britany