Princess Britany

Appointments With Me

Zane is mucking in the stable right now, then he will tack up my mare Lily and take her out for some exercise while I get some work done. She and I will have some quality time later on today. I have so much to do with boys like you. This is why I love appointments along with my random calls. For appointments, send me an email and I promise to get back to you soon after.

Call Me Tomorrow

I’m on tomorrow around 9am pacific and off around 3. Tomorrow afternoon I am attending a big late graduation party in an opulent garden in Pasadena. I will be wearing a cock tease pink sun dress with white kitten heels. What’s underneath will drive any sissy crazy. A pair of white lace high cut panties sent to me by peter tease toy, and a little white strapless bra to go with. It’s going to be hot tomorrow in so many ways!

No Flip Flops On Sissy

Speaking of sissy play toys, sissy donna called me last week on Sunday after a very long time. To atone for the lack of communication, she left me a spectacular tribute and did quite a bit of time. This gave me so much time to tease and deny the little slut and virtually dress her up because I did not like what she was wearing. I mean, pink flip flops does not a sissy make! Enfemme is an art, and donna is no artist. This is where a Princess with impeccable taste comes in. It’s not all crossdressing, it is attitude. A gurl needs to learn to walk, talk, and if applicable, suck cock and get bi to get by!


Princess Britany